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  • Proceedings

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    DESIGNA 2016 ERRO(R) Proceedings  
    Francisco Paiva, Catarina Moura (Eds.)
    Edition: University of Beira Interior / labcom.ifp  
    Collection: Ars
    Year of edition: 2016
    ISBN: 978-989-654-361-7  



  • Presentation

    DESIGNA - International Conference on Design Research, adopts ‘Error’ as a motto for its 6th edition.

    Traditionally depreciated for embodying unsuccess, failure, deceit, incorrectness, ignorance or even nonsense, “error” has an unattainable speculative potential, if for nothing else by the way it opposes the almost hegemonic culture of progress and success, that so much inspires Design activities. We believe it to be a suggestive theme, not only for project but also for theory and criticism of similarity and difference patterns facing norm or expectation, central to the practice and training of designers.

    Error reports to the action of wandering, deviation, deceit and uncertainty, but also to the illusion that allows the assumption of awareness and doubt capable of clarifying the purpose of a programme or project. Error has obvious costs, but it also has value.

    In the field of Design, the meaning of error has been underestimated, since it entails a performative potential able to annul the stigma of failure that even religious scatology attributes it. Error opens to the unexpected, being able to unveil involuntary and surprising dimensions from a process or a subject. More than an absolute error, we think about the relative error. The error that does not diminish, but amplifies the processes’ possibilities. The necessary error.

    Considering that error allows progression is a complex matter, almost paradoxical, demanding the exploration of multiple clues, answers and variables. It matters to know how error as an exception may count in the learning process, either by showing us the limits to the norm, or by being a necessary step to perfect or understand subjects whose contours escape a “truth”, revealing the unlikely capable to shake the most positivist mental frames, as much as corrections and amendments enhance the subject’s level of awareness regarding certain situations.

    Although error allows the achievement of knowledge and experience, improving resilience, it remains in contemporary society as a paradigm for what it may or may not be done. The way one relates to error denotes, therefore, a person or community’s maturity and ability to deal with their cultural boundaries. Having different types of error, from the heart, the will, from action, and so on, only the ones who dare are able to fail.

    Assuming this risk, this year’s DESIGNA appeals to critical looks over non-homologated design processes and objects, able to arouse strangeness, produce an analysis of the unconformity, uncertainty and failed intents encompassed by the world’s complexity.

    Error as a subject of a Design Conference comprehends in itself an entire ideological programme, with practical, theoretical, critical, pedagogical and even political implications. It is precisely to discuss this vast speculative field that we invite all designers, researchers and general academia to “labour in error”, submitting their communication proposals to DESIGNA’s 6th edition.



  • Keynote Speakers

    NUNO SARAIVA - Illustrator, comics author, teacher and street artist. He is a frequent contributor to the Portuguese press, especially for newspapers Expresso, Sol, Público and Time Out Lisbon. It teaches illustration workshops and Comics in Ar.Co - Center for Art and Visual Communication, including political and erotic cartoon. El Corte Ingles award 2010. Jury at ICA - Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and various animation and illustration Film festivals. Volunteer in the Association Renew the Mouraria. Among his work highlights "Tip of Philosophy" (1995) and "All this is Fado", awarded Best Album BD 2016. Creator of the images for the Festas de Lisboa promoted by EGEAC. (®photo Vitorino Coragem) http://cargocollective.com/nunosaraiva

    RAQUEL ASENSI - Specialist in artistic ceramics by the UPV-EHU, worked in the known Galician porcelain factory Sargadelos. Her pieces have been exhibited in various galleries as Mutuo, Barcelona or Cosmos and presented in international exhibitions such as BLV-ART in Bilbao. Her design pieces cause a tension between form and content, appealing to intuitive and sensory processes and the extension body material. She develops research in contemporary art on the feminist perspectives in artistic practices. She received several awards and is part of the Juntas Generales de Bizkaia permanent collection.

    O HOMEM DO SACO - Juan Yusta, Luís Henriques and Ricardo Castro - O Homem do Saco (The Bagger Man) is a collective workshop of typography, editions and prints located in Lisbon. As a rule (or without it), it mixes printing techniques: typography of mobile characters, serigraphy and engraving (without disdaining digital print or offset, in editions of greater circulation). They print posters, plaquetes and limited editions. In the work and in the editions of the various chancellas coexisting in O Homem do Saco  (Landscapes d’Antanho, Pianola, Momo, Diário de um Ladrão, 100 cabeças, troppo inchiostro, O Homem do Saco, Edições do Tédio...) reigns the knowledge of liven and acquired experience.

    SANDRA NETO - Degree in Architecture from the University of Lisbon; Master in Theory of Architecture from the University Lusíada; PhD from the University of Beira Interior. Urbanist in CCDR Algarve. Lecturer in Architecture and Design courses ISMTG and Design and Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia of the Lusophone University of Lisbon. Published research papers between articles and communications related to design creative, the Urban Planning and Design.
    MIGUEL SANTIAGO - Director in the Master of Architecture in UBI. It CITAD investigator. It holds a PhD from the Technical University of Lisbon. She has books, articles and published work. It has guided numerous stages, several dissertations and PhD; organized and participated in all the conferences as well as at conferences and national and international workshops.

    IDALINA SIDONCHA - Graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon and PhD in History of Philosophy and Portuguese Culture from FCSH at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is currently researcher at LabCom.IFP and an assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Beira Interior. She teaches curricular units assigned to various scientific areas and has devoted her research to the themes of Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Knowledge and Epistemology of the Sciences of Culture. She is the author of the book The Problem of Knowledge in Francisco Sanches, published in 2013 by INCM.

    JORGE DOS REIS - Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art, PhD in Communication Design from the University of Lisbon. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts where he founded and directs the MA in Contemporary Typographical and Editorial Practices. Has a dual activity as a designer and artist, is graphic and typographic design since 1996 in his own office; exposes design and make performance, performing solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions.

    DANIEL RAPOSO - Communication designer and Professor of Design at the College of Applied Arts of the Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute. Doctor in Design by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, where he develops research Postdoctoral while CIAUD member; Master in Design from the University of Aveiro, with the dissertation "Management of Corporate Identity: from the sign to the code". Member of the scientific board of several international journals and conferences. Together with Joan Costa, coordinates the collection "Design, Communication and Advertising" of Dinalivro Editions. Has written books and articles on Visual Design and Corporate Image Identity and on typography. 




    Programme + Book of Abstracts

    * em actualização / updating (2016.11.21 - 19:29)

    DESIGNA 2016 / ERRO(R)

    Conferência Internacional de Investigação em Design

    International Conference on Design Research

    Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

    University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal 

    24 NOVEMBRO - Quinta-feira / NOVEMBER, 24th - Thursday 

    Venue: Auditório da Parada


    Recepção e registo / Reception and registration 




    António Fidalgo, Reitor da Universidade da Beira Interior

    Paulo Serra, Presidente da Faculdade de Artes e Letras 

    João Correia, Director do LabCom.IFP 

    Catarina Moura, Comissão Executiva

    Francisco Paiva, Coordenação Científica


    Nuno Saraiva - Errata: onde se diz "cliente", leia-se "censor" 


    WORKSHOP Venue: Sala 2.09 - Um saco cheio de erros - Oficina de cartazes - Pequena oficina de tipografia e de impressão em serigrafia com O Homem do Saco (participação limitada mediante inscrição prévia - informações: designa.na.ubi@gmail.com)


    EDUCAÇÃO / EDUCATION (parallel sessions) Venue: Auditório da Parada

    Moderação / Moderation: José Domingues

    Sandra Neto / Miguel Santiago - “A topologia informal do Erro no Desenho”


    ID386  Dissonâncias entre o pensamento e a ação na construção de ambientes para futuros desejáveis: reflexões sobre demandas em design - Samantha Moreira, André Silva, Brasil

    ID390  Cultura do erro: a transdisciplinariedade dos cursos de design e comunicação favorece a integração entre universidades e mercado - Nilton Arruda, Brasil

    ID394  Estamparia artesanal: marcas de aprendizagem - Aymê Okasaki, Antonio Kanamaru, Brasil

    ID411  Serendipitous Information and the Design Process: A Case Study - Ricardo Melo, Marta Santos, Pedro Cardoso, Miguel Carvalhais, Portugal

    ID427  Interferência da imagem ótica na perceção de um espaço - Paulo Freire de Almeida

    ID436  Productos interactivos que potencian la motivación en el aprendizaje en procesos de diseño, bajo principios de gamificación - Luis Hernando Montoya, José Rafael González, Colômbia

    ID454  Sprint Design Jam: an accelerated approach for design methodology learning in higher education - Luís Frias, Farley Fernandes, Portugal


    TEORIA / THEORY (parallel sessions) Venue: Sala dos Conselhos 

    Moderação /  Moderation: Francisco Paiva

    Idalina Sidoncha - “Há Erro na Criação Artística? A resposta hollandiana”


    ID377  O erro – entre o belo e o feio na Ilustração - Ana Albuquerque, Portugal

    ID378  Design para a Inovação Social - Renata Gastal Porto, Brasil, Ana Thudichum Vasconcelos, Portugal, Rita Assoreira Almendra, Portugal

    ID393  Reflexão sobre a criação de conhecimento em Design de Informação - Mécia Sá, Miguel Carvalhais, Francisco Providência, Portugal

    ID406  ¿Diseños errados? Una cuestión semiótica sobre el diseño de sistemas de productos - Laura Fernanda Parra Sepúlveda, John Jairo Cardozo Vasquez, Colômbia

    ID415  A relevância da infografia digital nos jornais online - Júlio Costa Pinto, Portugal

    ID448  Nuestros primeros diseñadores: Pioneros del Diseño Gráfico en el Valle del Cauca (Colombia) - Diego Bermudez, Colômbia

    ID449  A percepção simbólica da imagem - Karl Georges Gallao, Alberto Cipiniuk, Brasil


    Lunch (free/non-institutional)


    MODA 1 / FASHION 1 (parallel sessions) Venue: Auditório da Parada 

    Moderação /  Moderation: Rita Salvado

    Lançamento dos livros: 

    Espaços de Moda Geográficos, Físicos e Virtuais, com a presença de Isabel Cantista (Coordenadora e autora) e Caroline Loss (autora); e 

    Moda, Música e Sentimento, com a presença de Rafaela Norogrando e Alfonso Benetti (Organizadores e autores)


    ID372  Tríade dos estudos de tendências: pensamento sistêmico, complexidade e transdisciplinariedade - Sandra Rech, Brasil, Valter Cardim, Portugal

    ID373  A pesquisa qualitativa como processo para investigação de tendências - Sandra Rech, Brasil, Valter Cardim, Portugal

    ID399  Erro: O não-reaproveitamento de resíduos de couro bovino e da tilápia no projeto de calçados - Bruno Palazzi, Caroline Almeida, Lara Dahas, Maria Rozimeire Augusto, Milton Galvani, Renata Tesoni, Tandara Hoffmann, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID400  A assimetria na arte e na moda ocidental da virada do século XX - Luciana Iwamoto, Laura Mello de Mattos Anacleto, Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    16:30  Coffee Break


    Moderação /  Moderation: Catarina Moura

    ID407  Development of handcrafted fashion products using circular knit waste - Cristiane Eloisa Bertoluci, Francisca Dantas Mendes, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Brasil

    ID408  Moda e Cultura Popular Paulista:Contribuições e Possibilidades" - Laura Ayako Yamane, Nelson da Silva, Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID412  Cutura viva é o que se encontra no JAMAC por meio da estamparia manual - Nelson da Silva, Laura Ayako Yamane, Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID417  Alfaiataria masculina em artigos de malha para deficientes físicos cadeirantes - Letícia Nascimento de Souza, Suzana Avelar Gomes, Cláudia Garcia Vicentini, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Brasil

    ID420  Uso do “Body Scanner” no desenvolvimento de tabelas de medidas de corpo para idosas - Ana Maria Cardoso, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Brasil

    ID421  Proposta de desenvolvimento de malhas fabricadas a partir de fios desfibrados de resíduo de denim e de poliéster reciclado de garrafas pet - Ana Luiza De Rosa, Cristiane Eloisa Bertoluci, Larissa Maria Ribeiro da Silva, Poema Lourenzo, Tais Remunhão, Wanderley Kawabe, Maria Silvia Barros de Held, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Brasil


    PRODUTO 1 / PRODUTO 1 Venue: Sala dos Conselhos

    Moderação /  Moderation: Júlio Londrim

    ID384  Tutoria Projetual no Design Industrial Orientada para a Singularidade e a Competitividade - Denis Coelho, Portugal

    ID385  Productos híbridos. Un estudio de conceptos - Mario German Garcia Gonzalez, John Jairo Cardozo Vazquez, Colômbia

    ID387  Iluminação e saúde: o efeito de céu estrelado na humanização dos espaços de tratamento - Ana Cristina Daré, Portugal, Wilson Sallouti, Brasil

    ID389  Design e conspiração: gambiarras, subversões e outras desobediências - Cristiane Mesquita, Robson Santos, Brasil

    ID392  Análise da Longa-Metragem “Inside Out” da Disney/Pixar - Relação entre Emoção e Design das Personagens - António Ferreira, Pedro Mota Teixeira, Nuno Duarte Martins, Daniel Brandão, Portugal

    ID397  Identificación de atributos de género en el diseño y desarrollo de juguetes para la tercera infancia - Luis Carlos Pérez, Nelida Ramírez, Colômbia

    16:00  Coffee Break


    Moderação /  Moderation: Afonso Borges

    ID398  Searching meaning through procedurality in computational artefacts - Miguel Carvalhais

    ID404  Análise do storyboard na metodologia projetual do cinema de animação e dos motion graphics - Pedro Mota Teixeira, Nuno Duarte Martins, Daniel Brandão, António Ferreira, Portugal

    ID430  Arte, artesanato e design em compartimentos estanques: ERRO - Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Portugal

    ID431  Proposta de procedimento para desenvolvimento de produtos sustentáveis têxteis a partir de sobras dos materiais de Micro e Pequenas Confecções - Fernanda Marinho, Regina Aparecida Sanches, Brasil

    ID439  Sete Palheiras – estudo de caso para a preservação da memória e identidade cultural local através do multimédia - Filipa Matias, Jorge Brandão Pereira, Heitor Alvelos, Portugal

    ID441  A dimensão imprevisível do trabalho de campo no design contextual e participativo: o caso do roubo da câmara de filmar - Daniel Brandão, Nuno Duarte Martins, Pedro Mota Teixeira, António Ferreira, Portugal

    ID442  Chés — do desenho de uma cadeira “errada” ao desenvolvimento de um território simbólico partipado - Jorge Brandão Pereira, Heitor Alvelos, Portugal

    ID450  O erro e o desafio da inovação: um estudo sobre a indústria do perfume - Daniela Ferreira, Maria Silvia Barros de Held, Brasil


    Inauguração da Exposição / Inauguration of the Exhibition 

    FRAGAS FALANTES - Vinte Anos, Vinte Tipos de Letra (1996 - 2016)

    SPEAKING STONES - Twenty Years, Twenty Typefaces (1996 - 2016)

    Jorge dos Reis

    20:00 Jantar / Dinner (Livre / Free) 

    25 NOVEMBRO - Sexta-feira / NOVEMBER, 25th - Friday 

    9:00  Opening


    MULTIMÉDIA  / MULTIMEDIA (parallel sessions) Venue: Auditório da Parada

    Moderação /  Moderation: Urbano Sidoncha

    Convidado / Keynote speaker 

    Daniel Raposo - “Algumas lições a partir da análise de erros de Branding”


    ID382  A utilização de fundamentos de Engenharia Kansei como proposta de gerência digital de referências criativas e de composição colaborativa de mood boards - Alex Maldonado Bernardes, Portugal

    ID391  CGI system Error - Paschalis Paschalis, Chipre

    ID405  O espaço da vitrine: um caso de estudo - Ana Cristina Daré, Portugal

    ID456  Contributos de design para o desenvolvimento de um produto dirigido a indivíduos afetados por demência - Ana Sofia Esteves, Ana Filomena Curralo e Maria Isabel Amorim, Portugal

    ID457  Nova estética Glitch - erro icónico - Flávio Hobo, Herlander Elias, Portugal

    ID458  À procura do erro: apresentação de uma metodologia para avaliar o design de websites municipais - Valeriano Piñeiro-Naval, Espanha, Joaquim Paulo Serra, Portugal

    13:00  Lunch (free/non-institutional)


    PRODUTO 2 / PRODUCT 2 (parallel sessions) Venue: Sala dos Conselhos 

    Moderação /  Moderation: Denis Coelho

    Raquel Asensi - “Artefactos Cerámicos. Conceptos y procesos de una práctica artística feminista vinculada a la cerámica”



    ID401  Lost in representation - Filipa Barradas, Portugal

    ID413  Ferramentas de avaliação emocional aplicado ao design de mobiliário macio - Sonia Jaconiano, Joana Cunha, Bernardo Providência, Portugal

    ID423  Colección de Objetos, desde lo semiótico y ritual - Daniela Castillo Gallego, John Jairo Cardozo Vasquez, Colômbia

    ID432  Comportamento biológico e ausência de erro – uma taxonomia inspiradora de inéditas interações, experiências e comportamentos com artefactos tecnológicos - Pedro Bandeira Maia, Nuno Dias, George Stilwell, Portugal

    ID444  Wandering With Textiles - Secil Ugur Yavuz, Itália, Rita Salvado, Pedro Araújo, Portugal, Nitzan Cohen, Itália

    13:00  Lunch (free/non-institutional)


    COMUNICAÇÃO / COMMUNICATION Venue: Auditório da Parada

    Moderação /  Moderation: Catarina Rodrigues

    Jorge dos Reis - “Erro ortográfico esplendor tipográfico – as práticas artistas e projectuais na utilização errónea do alfabeto enquanto instrumento performativo”


    ID383  O pós-funcionalismo no design de interação: uma discussão de conceitos sobre uma “estética de interação” - Alex Maldonado Bernardes, Brasil

    ID395  Ausência e Erro de Identificação do Designer no Cartaz de Divulgação Artística - Ana Gaspar, Portugal

    ID402  Visible music - Visibility of music groups strategies through audio branding - Juan Nicolás Vásquez Talero, Elingth Simoné Rosales Marquina, Colômbia

    ID416 O design como ferramenta de comunicaçãoe e estimulador de experiências sensoriais - Sérgio Filinto da Silva Cunha, Pedro Faria, João Martins, Portugal

    16:00  Coffee Break

    16:15 Moderação /  Moderation: Flávio Hobo

    ID425  O minimalismo como resposta ao excesso visual e mental no design de moda e nas errôneas formas de consumo - Caroline Meira Nunes de Almeida, Poema Lourenzo, Maria Silvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID426  Visual Archives in Digital Newspapers: an approach to visual lexicon in an information visualization prototype - Marta Fernandes, Bruno Giesteira, Portugal

    ID440  El desarrollo de los productos de diseño como proceso - Andrea Lucía Medina Gómez, Colômbia

    ID447  Interpretación erronea de los conceptos de belleza expuestos en el diseño de juguetes - Ginna Constanza Urbano Pérez, John Jairo Cardozo Vasquez, Colômbia


    MODA 2 / FASHION 2 (parallel sessions) Venue: Sala dos Conselhos

    Moderação /  Moderation: Cláudia Pedro

    ID376  Contributos do design para o resgate da tradicional renda de bilros de Peniche - Isabel Bieger, Cristina Carvalho, Gianni Montagna, Portugal

    ID422  Impressão com transfer sublimático: a falha como efeito gráfico - Liliana Bellio Vieira, Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID428  Design de moda: do erro a uma alternativa sustentável - Camila Vitorino Marcelo, Rita de Cássia Lopes Moro, Francisca Dantas Mendes, Brasil

    ID435  Ilustração de Moda, um relato da revolução digital ao retorno dos processos manuais de expressão - Lara Dahas, Maria Silvia Barros de Held, Ana Moreira da Silva, Brasil

    16:00 Coffee break

    16:15 Moderação /  Moderation: Catarina Moura

    ID437  Erro: o fazer artesanal isolado do design contemporâneo - “Kardume de Artesanato”/CE - Estudo de caso - Maria Sílvia Barros de Held, Brasil

    ID445  Uma análise da comunicação entre uma empresa de moda e suas terceirizadas - Camila Vitorino Marcelo, Rita de Cássia Lopes Moro, Francisca Dantas Mendes, Brasil

    ID446  Uma abordagem do Life Cycle Design aplicado na Manufatura do Vestuário de Moda em empresas do Brasil - Romy Tutia, Francisca Dantas Mendes, Lara Leite Barbosa de Senne, Brasil

    ID455  Design e Erro na Moda – Utilização do Cobertor de Papa - Alexandra Cruchinho, Alexandra Moura, Paula Peres, Portugal


    O Homem do Saco: Um saco cheio de erros - Resultados do Workshop - Luís Henriques, Ricardo Castro e Juan Yusta

    Moderação / Moderation: Catarina Moura


    Closing Session




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    The registration is made through the executive committee's e-mail - designa.na.ubi@gmail.com. To formalize the process, it will be necessary to submit confirmation of the fee’s payment, as well as the following information:

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    Catarina Moura (designa.na.ubi@gmail.com)



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    The registration fee does not include lunches or dinners.



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    Scientific Coordination
    Francisco Paiva . Universidade da Beira Interior PT 
    Scientific Committee
    Aidan Rowe . University of Alberta CA 
    Alastair Fuad-Luke . Aalto University Helsinki FI
    Alexandra Cruchinho . ESART I. Politécnico de Castelo Branco PT   
    Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues . FA Universidade de Lisboa PT   
    Anabela Gradim . FAL Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Anna Calvera . FBA Universitat de Barcelona ES
    António Delgado . ESAD Instituto Politécnico de Leiria PT
    Cristina Azevedo Tavares . FBA Universidade de Lisboa PT
    Catarina Moura . FAL Universidade da Beira Interior PT 
    Carmen Bellido Márquez . FBA Universidad de Granada ES  
    Daniel Brandão . IPCA Escola Superior de Design PT
    Daniel Raposo . ESART Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco PT 
    Denis Alves Coelho . FE Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Elena González Miranda . FBA Universidad del País Vasco ES
    Emílio Távora Vilar . FBA Universidade de Lisboa PT   
    Francisco Paiva . Universidade da Beira Interior PT 
    Heitor Alvelos . FBA Universidade do Porto PT
    Helena Barbosa . DCA Universidade de Aveiro PT
    Hélène Saule-Sorbé . FBA Université Bordeaux3 FR 
    Inmaculada Jiménez . FBA Universidad del País Vasco ES
    Jacek Krenz . FE Universidade da Beira Interior / UTGdansk PL
    João Paulo Queiroz . FBA Universidade de Lisboa PT
    João Sousa Cardoso . Universidade Lusófona do Porto PT
    Joaquim M. Paulo Serra . FAL Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Jorge dos Reis . FBA Universidade de Lisboa PT
    Josu Rekalde Izagirre . FBA Universidad Del País Vasco/EHU ES
    Madalena Rocha Pereira . Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Maria da Graça Guedes . Universidade do Minho PT
    Mário Bismarck . FBA Universidade do Porto PT
    Miguel Santiago Fernandes . Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Nuno Martins . IPCA Escola Superior de Design PT  
    Paulo Freire Almeida . EA Universidade do Minho PT
    Paulo Luís Almeida . FBA Universidade do Porto PT
    Raul Cunca . FBA Universidade de Lisboa PT
    Regina Sanches . EACH Universidade de São Paulo BR  
    Rita Salvado . FE Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Rui Miguel . FE Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Sheila Pontis . UCL University College London UK 
    Sílvia Barros de Held . EACH Universidade de São Paulo BR
    Teresa Franqueira . DCA Universidade de Aveiro PT
    Urbano Sidoncha . FAL Universidade da Beira Interior PT  

    Executive Committee 
    Catarina Moura . FAL Universidade da Beira Interior PT
    Francisco Paiva . Universidade da Beira Interior PT 



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  • Call / Papers

    DESIGNA 2016 invites the submission of original communication proposals, with a seminal propensity, thought from and within the connection between Design and Error, to frame in one of the following thematic panels:

    1.    Communication

    2.    Multimedia

    3.    Product

    4.    Fashion

    5.    Theory

    6.    Education


    Abstract (.rtf, .doc or .odt)

    The abstract must not exceed 2 000 characters. It can be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and is expected to include a title and state the intended thematic and its relevance, the hypothesis or main issue the author(s) aims to explore, conceptual and methodological framework, predicted results (when applied) and up to five keywords.



    The abstract must be submitted until September 15, 2016 through the conference’s website (www.designa.ubi.pt). The submission platform will issue each abstract an automatic identification code, in order to grant the anonymity of the peer review process.



    The abstracts will be subject to a blind peer review process, through which the referees will select those that demonstrate relevance, originality and adequacy to the conference’s thematic and purposes. The proposals that don’t comply with these criteria will be excluded.


    Notification to the authors

    The authors with a selected communication proposal will be notified by September 25, 2016.


    Full Paper Submission

    The complete version of the paper corresponding to the communication proposal must be submitted until October 30th, 2016, following the guidelines included in the conference’s website. The disregard for this deadline will result in the paper’s exclusion from the conference’s published proceedings.



    The proposals that are not selected to integrate the thematic sessions as oral communications, but nonetheless meet the stated arbitration criteria, will be given the opportunity to enter the conference’s program as posters. Nonetheless, posters will not integrate the final proceedings.


    Working languages

    Portuguese, English and Spanish.



    1. The call’s deadline will not be extended.

    2. The proceedings publication (both digitally and in paper) does not suppose any additional costs to the conference’s registration fee.

    3. The submission of the full paper implies a tacit transfer of the publication copyrights to University of Beira Interior.

    4. Obtaining permission to publish the included images is a responsibility entailed to the authors.



  • Venue

    If you're arriving to Portugal through Lisbon, you'll have bus and train transportation. It's a 3:30 to 4 hour travel. These are the links to the websites, so you can check timetables:

    Train (portuguese word: comboio): http://cp.pt/passageiros/en/
    Bus (portuguese word: expresso or autocarro): www.rede-expressos.pt

    In case you'll be arriving through Oporto, bus will be your only option. The distance to Covilhã is fairly the same.

    There's also the possibility of renting a car at the airport, in case you prefer and find it more convenient. From Lisbon, the access to Covilhã is made through A1 and A23 freeways; from Oporto, through A1, A25 and A23.

    Covilhã has some very affordable options to stay in. It's a small and safe town, and the University is at a walking distance of most of the hotels. Below there's a list of some of the options, all of them central and at an easy distance from the conference:


    These last two (Meliá D. Maria and Hotel Turismo) are not as near, so you would probably need to call for a taxi. All the others are at a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from the University.

    If, when opening the link, you find they don't have the information in english, we suggest you try Booking.com, inserting the name of the hotels.



  • Submission Guidelines


    The extended abstract of the communication proposals, to a maximum of 2 000 characters, written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, must include title, theme and its relevance, hypothesis or question to be explored, conceptual and methodological frame, predicted results, references and five keywords. The abstract must be submitted electronically, until September 15th 2016, through the submission platform present at DESIGNA’s website, which will automatically assign it an ID code that allows its distribution to two scientific reviewers while ensuring the author’s anonymity.


    Once the abstract is accepted, the full paper corresponding to the intended oral communication and to be published in the conference’s proceedings, must be submitted to the organizing committee until October 30th 2016, through the e-mail designa.na.ubi@gmail.com, following the procedures stated below:

    2.1 TEXT – One single text file, identified with the submission ID, saved in .rtf, .doc or .odt (.pdf is not acceptable) with minimal formatting and structured as follows: 

    - Submission ID / Registration number; 

    - Title of the article; 

    - Name of the author(s); 

    - Category; 

    - Institution;    

    - Identification of the panel;   

    - Abstract (in English; up to 2 000 characters);   

    - Keywords (max. 5);  

    - Full paper (up to 10 000 characters), in Portuguese, English or Spanish;        

    - Any note must be listed at the end of the document and will be counted within the character’s limit;  

    - Image caption, indicating source/credits, must come at the end of the document or be placed where intended.

    2.2 IMAGES  

    Images (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .ai or .pdf) must be sent in separate files (max. 8) and identified with the same prefix of the text (the submission ID) and corresponding number, following the example: ID23-01.jpg,...


    The oral communication must be prepared to a 15-minute presentation at the conference (november 24th and 25th), in any of the working languages. Any complementary visual/graphic presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) must be in English. It can be sent previously to the Organizing Committee (until November 21st) or delivered 5 minutes earlier to the beginning of the panel in a pen drive. 

    4. POSTER

    Posters will be exhibited in digital format (6 .jpg images / 6 slides, 30 seconds each), in a room adjacent to the conference. The material intended for presentation must be sent to the organizing committee until November 21st, to designa.na.ubi@gmail.com


    NOTE - The paper’s publishing, both in printed and in electronic version, is granted through the payment of the registration fee and will not imply any extra costs. The sending of these elements presupposes the tacit share of all the publishing rights with the University of Beira Interior; to all effects, the authors maintain intellectual property. The permission to publish the images is accountable to the author(s).



  • Submissions


    Review & Program Committees:

    Program Chair:



  • Calendar

    07/15 – 09/15  Call for Papers / Abstracts

    09/25  Notification of acceptance

    10/30  Deadline for full paper submission

    11/10  Deadline for registration of authors with accepted proposal

    11/15  Final Program

    11/24-25  DESIGNA 2016





  • Programme

                 24th NOVEMBER, Thursday
                 UBI Auditório da Parada / Sala dos Conselhos

    9:00      Reception and registration 
    9:30      WELCOMING SESSION  
    10:00    Keynote - Nuno Saraiva
    10:45    Coffee Break 
    11:00    EDUCATION, Auditório da Parada             
                Keynote - Sandra Neto / Miguel Santiago  
    11:00    THEORY, Sala dos Conselhos
                Keynote - Idalina Sidoncha 
    13:00    Lunch (free/non-institutional) 
    14:30    PRODUCT 1, Sala dos Conselhos 
    14:30    FASHION 1, Auditório da Parada
                Book Launching 
    16:00    Coffee Break 
    18:30    Exhibition opening

                 25th NOVEMBER, Friday
                 UBI Auditório da Parada / Sala dos Conselhos 

    9:00      Opening  
    9:30      MULTIMEDIA, Auditório da Parada                    
                Keynote - Daniel Raposo   
    11:00    Coffee Break 
    9:30      PRODUCT 2, Sala dos Conselhos                             
                Keynote - Raquel Asensi   
    11:00    Coffee Break 
    13:00    Lunch (free/non-institutional) 
    14:30    FASHION 2, Sala dos Conselhos  
    14:30    COMMUNICATION, Auditório da Parada                            
                Keynote - Jorge dos Reis  
    16:00    Coffee Break 
    17:30    Keynote - O Homem do Saco 
    18:00    Closing Session